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The New Method for Wellness & Prosperity.

The Spiritual Clarity Readings 


These sessions are a blend of spiritual connection & human psychology.  Giving you crystal clear clarity & an empowered plan moving forward in your life,

past problems & obstacles to wellbeing & prosperity. 

We begin the sessions by tapping into your aura at the present moment; uncovering limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind that could be holding you back from reaching your heart's desires, or being who you truly want to be.


 We will then connect your loved ones & guides who will give you channelled support and guidance with any struggles &  problems that you may have so they can become a thing of the past.

You’ll have an understanding of yourself, situations  & a plan to move you forward.   

You will also be given the chance to ask for any other guidance you're looking for.


We will then close the session with some tarot spreads, which will demonstrate to you the advice that has some through & give you some help and guidance for the future. 


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