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The Universe Has Guided You Here


The universe is supporting you & has brought you here.


The truth is when you master your spiritual personality, it will be your path to exceptional happiness, inner tranquillity with control over your life AND be a compelling superpower!

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This is your sign from the universe that you are ready to begin or deepen your life's purpose.

You are poised ready to see the wonder of the universe & all its magic secrets.
It's time to ditch the anxiety & low mood that has been holding you back. 


All you need is a simple 4 step formula that will give you freedom from all the energetic heaviness & low vibration emotions you feel.
The AGL Soul System will rewrite your brain for happiness, rewiring BOTH the conscious & subconscious for rapid results.  couple this with the highest intuition training & you will radiate personal power. & wonderful wisdom.
The blend of the 4 steps will give you greater control over your own mind, you will be unstoppable and become your own hero. 
The combination training is the absolute easiest & fastest way to reach total self-trust, a wild happiness lifestyle, and top psychic status & to get to your full potential. 

Just imagine a day like this.
The alarm goes off, and getting out of bed is so easy now, you hop out happily, eager for the day, knowing it'll be filled with magic & delight.
You've done a morning spiritual practice and had a two-way conversation with a loved one in spirit who has given you guidance & advice for the day.
Your family & co-workers are feeling the difference radiating from you...
'What are you doing, you seem so different?' they ask as they actively seek you out. 
Either wanting to just be in your energy or wanting your opinion & advice, applying it to their lives AND getting wonderful outcomes.  
So, rather than, just being the normal sounding board, you are now a fountain of wonderful practical wisdom.
You now trust yourself to read people & outcomes, knowing in your soul that you are 100% accurate. 
You now know you've taken your life from ordinary to extraordinary. 
You check your bank balance in the afternoon & see an unexpected payment, you smile to yourself and thank the universe for your fantastic manifesting system...
It's to M & S on the way home to get some shopping, you approach the till to pay your £80 shopping bill & the assistant smiles at you and says...
'Congratulations you have just won your shopping!'
Feeling warm & accomplished, knowing you manifested it & knowing more is on the way.  (These are my true events)
Your evening is going out with friends as your energy levels have soared.
Your focus & concentration is now so solid you can put in a full day at work with ease & even have enough focus to read every night  (without having to reread the last page/chapter to remember what the book was about).
As you lie down to sleep you feel so connected to yourself & the universe.  Feeling valuable, grateful & authentically powerful you drift off & sleep like a baby knowing more magic & delight will be coming tomorrow.


Would you like days like mine?
This is a day from my diary, I've created this life and you too can transform your life with this method, the choice is yours.

Not everyone will do this.
Are you brave enough to take the opportunity to transform your life? Knowing exceptional wellbeing & abundance awaits?  OR Do you choose to stay where you are, in self-doubt, tired, with a lingering low mood?


Take my hand...
Join the other brave spiritual souls that took the opportunity & took full control of their minds, emotions & lives.  My stu
dents, who are now fully owning their spiritual gifts, use them to serve their lives & the lives of those around them.
Owning your spiritual gifts brings you rock-solid confidence & super-easy decision-making.  Life will become ridiculously easy & insanely happy.


Then head to the online courses section above.
Book your course & get immediate access through your email &
 begin your transformation today.
The good news is the AGL Soul System approach is incorporated into all 3 courses, So you'll get access to the formula regardless of the course you buy,  You can then apply it to any other area of your life to increase mastery & success.
You will reach your full human potential by doing courses 1, 2 & 3 in that order, or you choose which one best suits your needs.
Don't put off living your best spiritual adventure & wonderful life..

You deserve it right now!
Why choose m
e & my courses?

I am Kate S. Lindup - The Life-Changing Medium, Spiritual Coach & Author
Creator of  ... The AGL Soul System
I am a fully-fledged medium who has been studying all things psychic & human behavior for over a decade...
I have suffered deep grief & personal loss &  struggled with being a deeply sensitive empath, see more on my About page.
I've been through all the ups & downs of training & know without a doubt it's the raising self-esteem that is the secret to rapid psychic development.
These tools are the ones I used to rebuild my life after trauma and to create the very happy medium I am today.
This has changed my life beyond measure & it'll do the same for you & your loved ones.
I have a Counselling Psychology degree with honors & I'm proud to say,  I was featured as a national guru in 'Soul & Spirit Magazine on numerous occasions.

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